eLab is environment and process monitoring sensor-system that gives online and historical overview about  equipment or environment conditions and parameters.
eLab system contains sensors and mobile friendly page where You can set alarms, limits, group sensors by area, equipment type or  Your work specialty.
eLab solution technical overview:
Solution includes gateway to load data from wireless low power-consumption sensors. Computer and mobile-friendly flexible monitoring solution allows users to measure process specific parameters, show online or historical data and fulfill quality system demands for history reporting and alarming system.
HW Specification:

    • Easy fix wireless sensors (magnet, hanging etc.)
    • Sensor battery replacing cycle >1 year
    • Regular temp. sensors -40°C…+60°C
    • Ultra Low/High temp sensors (nitrogen tanks etc.) -230°C…+500°C
  • Humidity sensors (%, r.H.)
  • CO2 sensors for incubators (0…10%) and for regular air (0…10 000ppm)
  • Air pressure sensors (hPa)
  • RGB, UV, Light sensors
  • Customer specific sensors or monitoring systems

SW functionality:

  • Live reviews and dashboards
  • Alarms settings (SMS, email etc.)
  • Reviews check archiving/reporting
  • Department/responsibility grouping
  • Weekly reports
  • ISO accepted verification procedures
  • Customer special flexibility
  • User specific, mobile- and computer friendly

eLab sensor-system users