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    Wide range: From feasibility analyze to programming or to hardware system
  • Leading technology

    Over 15y experience in engineering and leading from automotive-, telecommunication- and renewable energy industry
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    Give us technology or optimization target and enjoy achievements.


expectations to us

Lean 6-Sigma

How to save money without quality loss? Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that relies on a collaborative team effort to improve performance by systematically removing waste and reducing variation. Get results and save money through 6-Sigma training program or ask us to solve problems and get proven savings for Your company. One of the fewest Lean 6-Sigma Master Black Belt in Baltics at Your service.

Feasibility and Digitalization Analyze

You do not know what is the most suitable technical solution to solve Your problem, automate or improve Your production. Need to find break-even point or create timeplan with needed engineering team. Let’s review Your case and create something extraordinary!

Custom Solutions

If You have something in Your mind that cannot be bought from the shelf, we’re ready to develop, design and prototype it. Technology is our expertise and passion.
IoT, machinery automatic driving systems, sophisticated sensor systems, custom electronics design, embedded systems, those are keywords for us.


Process Modelling

Quality data and analyze are basics to make decisions. To create data collection systems, make it visual or build models to predict the future. We have long experience in data collection, measuring systems and analyze methods. Do not hesitate to ask.

Handheld Devices

You want to connect Your product with mobile device or make Your service available in mobile. That is our field to help You. From custom communication electronics to mobile device software development. We help You to plan, develop and make it real.


Automatics design and upgrade | Measuring system design | Mathematical modelling | Data collection systems | IoT | Reliability engineering | Sensors systems design | Process optimization | Production digitalization | Custom electronics | Handheld devices programming | Lean Six Sigma | Industrialization | Improvement projects | Cost saving projects | Prototyping product design | Engineering team forming | Data visualization | Engineering management | Technology leading | ANOVA methods|

Monitor process (IoT)

live conditions

Process monitoring

Monitor Your process by adding sensors or connecting equipment directly to cloud.

  • Temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, UV, Light, movements etc.
  • Live charts and analytics
  • Set limits and timeouts
  • Receive alarms
  • Calibration and validation service
  • Valid for medical labs quality systems
  • Much more functions

Random sensors with engart description.

Temp sensors

Temperature live data. Click on chart.

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